What do you do?

We gather information on all land and home transactions and build databases that allow us to track sales, prices and volume for all housing areas in the Tucson Metro area.  This includes permit information, closing and sales data as well as new home subdivision information.

How do I get the information?

We have many publications that are published on a monthly basis and can also create special reports to meet any need concerning housing information.  Please check out the Our Reports section of this website.

Where do you get your information?

We gather information from local and national government entities – including Pima County, the City of Tucson, and State of Arizona – as well as from homebuilders, and other published economic data.

How timely is your data?

We provide the most accurate and current data available for the Tucson new home market. We gather and process all data on a monthly basis and are the only data provider that updates ALL of our data EVERY month.

How accurate is your data?

Our data is the most accurate possible. Often times we may even correct source data input from the government entities, such as permits that aren’t reported from the municipality or inaccuracies in recorded documents.

Who uses your information?

Anyone with a need to know and understand the housing market. These include builders, developers, bankers, subcontractors, special equipment manufacturers, landscapers, pool builders, government departments, and title companies.

Who can buy your information?

Anyone who wants it.  We can charge your report to a major credit card and deliver it within hours!

It is only information, why isn’t it free?

Gathering the information is a huge job and building the databases is a major project. Often times we will have to record more than 50,000 transactions in a single month.  But we don’t just gather the data, we verify it and make it accessible so you not only have accurate data, but it is in a form that you can use.

What information do you have?

We have over 50 fields of information on each real estate transaction including price paid, mortgage amount, buyer, seller, intended use, etc. If you have a need for a special piece of information, we can probably supply it.

Where are you located?

We are actually in Tucson and live and work there and have expert knowledge of the community, housing market and economics.  We understand the unique dynamics of the local housing market because we interact with the major players and other industry professionals on an ongoing basis.


Bright Future Real Estate Research, LLC

Ginger G. Kneup

PO Box 380

Sahuarita, Arizona  85629